Portrait drawing & Philosophy.. & Politics!

Very brief remark here on a lifetime project to embark on at some point in my life. Just discovered that the Chinese portrait drawing style has an existentially different worldview than the common, Western-infested & hierarchical, sexual ones that I was raised in.

first, you realise phantom of opera type transgressive but mainstream romance kind of really fascinates me. I’m sure it’s deepseated

It steps at the line between purity and transgressing into lust.

Second, you realise how I can’t appreciate asian figures as much as western, and male as much as female at all. Like i know this is sexist and racist and even for-profit cheap aesthetics… but i just like it.

Asian bone structures are just a hell lot harder to grasp (from my starting pt i guess.. used to drawing the sharp eyebrows and chins first n foremost).

My original approach to female beauty might be guilty pleasure as it’s called…i have thought of learning to draw crests of elderly chinese ppl.. to sort of correct my worldview….or even just the leaves and plants. I have this guilty feeling that i sort of have a ‘duty’ to correct myself and get in touch with the ‘real world’ drawing wise.

i think the Chinese tradition of portrait drawing has a deep humility and humanist sense to it.. probably a socialist remnant worths preserving a lot:


You can easily differentiate between Western style female and the Chinese style in the above mixture of both.

In the Chinese modern portrait tradition, there is a sense that even though the drawn person can be a very sexy/ beautiful girl, there is a sense that she is a unique person with a unique stare and facial expression that’s just at peace with being herself.


There is a feeling that you cannot and would not objectify her; this person has a life that shaped her gaze, crystallized in this particular snapshot of hers.

Whereas the western female gaze at the drawer/ audience is always predominantly colored by their being sexual/ female, in an almost identical flavor.. relatively speaking. Even the stare of a young girl invokes biblically mysterious innocence of the female species; while however undesirable and man-like a Chinese 大媽 looks in a portrait, in every facial detail lieth attraction, and that’s what gives male and female, the young and aged, the laboured and storied more so than the privileged more or less equal attraction as object for study.

Western objects attract by desirability; Chinese by honesty.

Third, you realise it has EVERYTHING to do with socialism in China.




And this was even greater..


“德派素描”與“蘇派素描”的差別 http://fj.people.com.cn/BIG5/n2/2017/0213/c380482-29708771.html

Wtf u differentiate two schools by such metaphysical concepts… so coooool! I m sure i m quite sensitive about these type of stuff. I now feel so much better about philosophy as such – their differences are probably a lot more pronounced and graspable in drawing than writing style, to me.

德派 (?)
Drawing Manga how to draw manga , comic , vẽ chân dung , Landscape Architecture, Architectural Record,đồ án kiến trúc,mediafire,autocad,3dsmax
中式蘇派(according to know-nothing anna)

More Politics talk..



Damn… I really wanna learn to be a Chinese portrait drawer. Like i’ve heard of a lot of ‘politics v aesthetics’ stuff, but this time i rly get how important it is in coloring one’s perception.. it’s where 寫實風 dominates the market and it’s not easy to be.

Rather than redemption seeking, now it’s more like a freaking fun new in-road towards more eyeopening perspectives about the world (and ..socialism lol) that gets me radiating according to my friend!

A really nice realisation for me on sth that’s surely my passion!

Labour of love – on preoccupiedness

最近忙得無咩時間停下來咀嚼和書寫一下自己的感受,but it feels qualitatively different from a similar situation before in the sense that, what I am doing is now actualisation of changes that I believe to be righteous. It empowers and that labour feels closer to being me than previous self-reflectionary writings here.

Like finally publishing H & S’s story to let the world experience a fraction of the shock I experienced whilst being alongside them. (I have a much more solid understanding and feeling of the role of *reporting* the underreported.) Like actually representing consolidated will (however rudimentary) in front of the power-wielders at the institution I am employed at. Like really conducting honest conversations that change interactions for the better with people I care. Like really bringing our collectively written and edited words to people that craves for filling that intellectual and practical void (I am referring to the Strike Special by CUSP). Even though we are so fucking far from reaching real signposts and thresholds that turn the tides for the better, I can see myself as part of the waves blown towards a direction that I can identify and freely flow along with.

On that I am reminded of Marx’s words on the nature of labour:

A spider conducts operations that resemble those of a weaver, and a bee puts to shame many an architect in the construction of her cells. But what distinguishes the worst architect from the best of bees is this, that the architect raises his structure in imagination before he erects it in reality.

At the end of every labour-process, we get a result that already existed in the imagination of the labourer at its commencement. He not only effects a change of form in the material on which he works, but he also realises a purpose of his own that gives the law to his modus operandi, and to which he must subordinate his will.

And this subordination is no mere momentary act. Besides the exertion of the bodily organs, the process demands that, during the whole operation, the workman’s will be steadily in consonance with his purpose. This means close attention.

The less he is attracted by the nature of the work, and the mode in which it is carried on, and the less, therefore, he enjoys it as something which gives play to his bodily and mental powers, the more close his attention is forced to be.

Karl Marx. Capital Volume One , Ch.7, ‘The Labour-Process and the Process of Producing Surplus-Value’


So I’ll return to the waves as such labour is chasing me for their completion. I’ll end this with a poem I like a lot after reading it for DSE-preparation number of times (that equals infinity for a person like me):


The roaring alongside he takes for granted,
and that every so often the world is bound to shake.
He runs, he runs to the south, finical, awkward,
in a state of controlled panic, a student of Blake.

The beach hisses like fat. On his left, a sheet
of interrupting water comes and goes
and glazes over his dark and brittle feet.
He runs, he runs straight through it, watching his toes.

– Watching, rather, the spaces of sand between them
where (no detail too small) the Atlantic drains
rapidly backwards and downwards. As he runs,
he stares at the dragging grains.

The world is a mist. And then the world is
minute and vast and clear. The tide
is higher or lower. He couldn’t tell you which.
His beak is focussed; he is preoccupied,

looking for something, something, something.
Poor bird, he is obsessed!
The millions of grains are black, white, tan, and gray
mixed with quartz grains, rose and amethyst.

Elizabeth Bishop

Line 4: William Blake, the visionary Romantic poet, wrote in the opening lines of his poem, “Auguries of Innocence,” that the poet wanted: ‘To see a world in a grain of sand/ And a heaven in a wild flower/ Hold infinity in the palm of your hand/ And eternity in an hour.’

Line 20: Amethyst and rose quartz are both varieties of quartz, which is crystalline silicon dioxide.


Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.

It seemed to me I stood by the iron gate leading to the drive, and for a while I could not enter, for the way was barred to me. There was a padlock and a chain upon the gate……

Then, like all dreamers, I was possessed of a sudden with supernatural powers and passed like a spirit through the barrier before me……. 

Du Maurier, Daphne. Rebecca. New York: Avon Books, 1971.

Dreams are usually closer to reality.

Closer to the elephant in the room than anything else.

So Rebecca is an enthralling story about a ladies’ companion who got courted for a fortnight by a rich, be-widowed Englishman Mr. Maxim de Winter. She then became Mrs. de Winter and then the new hostess of Mandeley, the inherited mansion in Cornwall.

A Mrs. Danvers, malicious housekeeper who remained loyal to Rebecca the first Mrs. de Winter exerted every single means to keep the new Mrs. de Winter on her edge. From foisting the old setting of the rooms to a worn iconic ball gown on the new hostess, she made every single detail of life an excruciating reminder of Mrs. de Winter’s inferiority to the immortal Rebecca. The only warmth radiated from the pet spaniel Jasper, with whom the heroine implicitly identified – another loyal pet to the obscure, constantly-troubled Maxim.

Everything heaped up into an intoxicating mix of intense self-denial & forced outwardly self-assertion until Mrs. de Winter got closer to the unbespoken truth of Rebecca, in the otherwise tranquil beach behind Mandeley; Maxim de Winter provided an explosive account of his relationship with Rebecca, one that sharply reoriented our interpretation of his earlier mutism (throughout over a half of the narrative) into an all-the-more inwardly ferocious turmoil – one that mirrored, or even surpassed, Mrs. de Winter’s.

‘I am Mrs. de Winter now, you know’, declared our heroine to Mrs. Danvers over a call regarding the menu for the night after.

The pair, reunited in their newfound and leaden understanding of each other, faced the ultimate doom for asserting the un-assertable – to the mansion that remained loyal to Rebecca. The estate was set on fire and the escaped de Winters became a forever diaspora to where they belonged – Manderley.

…… All this I resolved in my dream, while the clouds lay across the face of the moon, for like most sleepers I knew that I dreamed. In reality I lay many hundred miles away in an alien land, and would wake, before many seconds had passed, in the bare little hotel bedroom, comforting in its very lack of atmosphere.

I would sigh a moment, stretch myself and turn, and opening my eyes, be bewildered at that glittering sun, that hard, clean sky, so different from the soft moonlight of my dream. The day would lie before us both, long no doubt, and uneventful, but fraught with a certain stillness, a dear tranquillity we had not known before.

We would not talk of Manderley, I would not tell my dream. For Manderley was ours no longer. Manderley was no more.

We would not talk of Manderley, I would not tell my dream.

For Manderley was ours no longer. Manderley was no more.

拋橋過岸 — 點解想寫員總?

呢個係稿單前傳。點解我想寫一篇關於員總的東西?我都要回想一下。好似係有個人同我講今次「幫」學生報一月號的方式可以變下,而我都覺得自己做作者”walk the talk”會好過做一個過文的角色,係度endlessly指指點點。比下人指點、指出一下自己思考的角度與漏洞,跟著要自己執漏包生仔,個角色係會唔同&真實好多。同我合作或者傾過計的人都知,我指住一舊有興趣的東西可以不留情面地講講講講講,講完抹抹口水就算⋯⋯(fuck⋯⋯想搵窿捐。算啦做得出唔怕認。)




Not to mention 那個中大守衛夜的共患難一夕。那天我們在一場龐萬倫的師生平等對話之後,還在烏托邦似的眾志堂裡食自助飯的時候,有兩個blackbloc人走入來說炸彈與警察進場的傳聞,我們連飯也沒吃完就急急腳跑走。那一晚我幫員總出緊急聲明、一班人在明亮如舞室般的會室傾閑計(大家都比手機上的朋友悠然自得),晚上睡在門前一張瑜伽蓆上。這個在會室無刷牙睡覺的儀式,好像在我心裡,奠定了這個地方之於我的重要性。


所以呢,我是想待在這個地方一會兒的了⋯⋯even if not formally。這是我心底裡的話。(我真是一個很容易被收服的人⋯⋯as long as the right button is clicked⋯=) )

也許這場自告奮勇的寫作,也是要幫自己在這股濃濃的情感之餘,共同理性認真向外闡清一下這個團體是什麼、當前在做什麼、以前做過什麼、以後還可以做什麼。就當是一個小小的Manifesto as if I am running for staying there – the voter being myself, and a group of trustworthy dear friends. (想起在英國的時候,學院Junior common room那張小小的彩色的候選同學自介。)


題目:中大員總 —如何發揮潛在的政治力量?




  • 員總本身:中大內三大工會最後成立的;介入了03肥上瘦下、09年導師正名行動;職工盟屬會;factbox on 會員人數、理事組成、會費、同校方的法定關係(+有份開的委員會)、恆常會務
  • 反送中運動中的角色:出聲明多(反送中、要求中大正視警方性暴力、緊急禁制警方進入中大等);不少私下與校方高層的溝通;復工前安排清潔校園安全工作坊、聯署關注前線工友及全面復工安全;復工後問卷收集校園問題意見、公佈結果
  • 面對的限制:人力不夠;私下與校方溝通時常被當耳邊風;群眾基礎不足以集體施壓(依家多了新會員自投羅網)
  • 突顯所面對限制的事件—被職工盟問及能否響應三罷的尷尬:目前動員力未能做到,也未有機會搞意見收集/投票去理解員工意向
  • 未來方向—如何連結職員、擴大會員基礎、連結新會員及招攬組織人才:點睇一些可行的方向,如多些同事對校務意見的交流、整合再公佈(e.g. 新組的對話,題材由交通、師生平等交流、到流浪教師待遇不等。)?多些現有會員分擔及擴展會務?多些招募會員的方式與場合?

棘途綠州 — 波隆那漁人的漁夫

(draft 1)



我正感嘆他們創造了一個如夢般的地方,我身邊的朋友即馬上更正我:他看見的是無數的血汗與困難重重。經營一個自發的群體如此不易,經營一個佇立在「歐洲堡壘」(Fortress Europe) 政治浪尖上的群體就更加不易。我自己都曾經歷過經營一些自發群體的跌宕,因此更加好奇:為什麼他們能夠成功凝聚一班年紀極輕的朋友們,維持著維繫這種群體必須的信任與紀律,組織起一個真正與在地最弱勢融為一體的有機空間,並能有效無懼地持續對外介入不同的政治事件?


  1. 什麼是Làbas? (*規模、年期、範疇、成員背景及人數*)
  2. 他們身處在一個多adverse的政治環境?(意大利法西斯沒被完全清算的遺局、當前右翼主導的政黨格局、對波隆那與Làbas地區層面的影響)
  3. 當地目前的難民情況(*人數及來源地趨勢、融合情況、歐盟與意大利政府態度*、由法西斯主義者恐襲獲同情一事起,社會對難民態度之轉捩)
  4. 他們繼承著什麼波隆那過去所積累的運動力量? (*波隆那自治主義傳統*、波隆那火車站法西斯恐襲周年紀念傳統)
  5. 他們當前的組織內部的成功要訣:要有多有決心和膽色?(草根日常的社區中心起源、敢作敢想的醉言多番成真、各人的專責與興趣分工、財政自負、與社區與對外團體的強大互信基礎 -> 當地政法體系對走法律罅的默許、”Be water”不斷改進的精神 )
  6. 結論:自發群體中的極少數成功例子,有「法律罅」物資條件許可、巧合下的年輕骨幹、迫切政治議題、長年政治劣勢使然下的堅定團結。獨特,可複製度不高,不斷改進精神值參考


Coptic Ungu

I remember I told myself, I want the touch of the plastic jewels to remind myself constantly by tactile – that part of their suffering from the Cross has been transferred onto me. I shared the weight of the cross.

The shiny, unapologetic purple goes unexpectedly well with the brilliance of the cheap stones.

The rest is history – my present – and future.

I recounted this story to my friends on a brief trip from TST to SSP. I didn’t realise this was storytelling material – but I sensed it at the time, and chose to record it. Yes, I hate the CIC from the core of my bones. It reverberates.


從埃及到香港的無盡苦路 — 基督徒難民夫婦S & H

Endless Way of Cross from Egypt to Hong Kong – Christian Refugees, S and H 



身處相對世俗化的香港,我們大概難以明白宗教對中東人的重要性。按2015年美國中情局數據,埃及的遜尼派穆斯林(Sunni Muslims) 佔人口90%,少數派科普特基督徒(Coptic Christians)只佔人口約10%[1] 。每人一出生,身份證就必須刻上宗教,不同教派通婚被視作違悖倫理,由此形成一代代流傳下去的宗教區隔。科普特基督徒群體雖然得到主流容忍,但沒有代表能擠身政界;一旦他們有大型示威,軍方更會毫不手軟鎮壓。2011年發生推翻穆巴拉克(Mubarak)強人政權的「阿拉伯之春」後,有份要求平權的埃及基督徒便被打成代罪羔羊,來自民間與政府的打擊大增[2]。

名義上,所有人都有轉教自由;但事實上,由基督教皈順為穆斯林易被主流接納,但由穆斯林皈順基督的「異教徒」(apostate) 則犯了不可赦免的叛教大罪。如他們的身份曝光,除了干犯「褻潰罪」可入獄外,受人成羣威嚇或殺害示眾、家人感到奇恥大辱將之光榮殺害也絕不鮮見。


他出獄後投入產品營銷的工作。直至2011年,他參與了反對政府拆毀當地教堂的「馬伯樂示威」(Maspero Demonstrations) [3],事件中軍方開槍鎮壓,死傷過百,H左腳中彈受重傷,政府同時封殺他的業務。到了2014年,H外出購物時發現數人企圖持槍暗殺他,於是他不顧一切逃走到杜拜,再輾轉到達南韓蔚山(Ulsan),在當地教會照顧下逗留了兩年,直至遇上S。




他們先是走到印度洋小島塞舌爾島(Seychelles Island),28日後就被驅逐;歷經肯尼亞和多個城市後,原本想轉機到歐洲,但二人指穆斯林入境處人員已買通所有關口,不容二人出境,他們只好由陸路坐車到坦桑尼亞。及後,他們到日本機場尋求庇護,誰知當地入境處職員竟想遞解他們回埃及,當時已說明自己有子宮外孕情況的S更被職員推撞昏倒,傷及早年出血舊患,需進行流產,至今婦科問題不斷。



香港並不為難民提供庇護,只確保申請人在等待審核期間,能維持最基本的生活需要,及經審核後,合符資格人士能「免受遣返」。就法律程序而言,酷刑聲請申請人(torture claimant)需先以書面聲請,聲稱在國家遭受政治迫害或酷刑,故來港尋求政治庇護。若經入境處審核後符合資格,申請人就不會被遣返回國,個案將被轉介至聯合國難民署,由該署確認難民身份及安排移居至第三國[4]。





其實這份文件的內容是表示自己同意被羈留到「青山灣入境事務中心」(Castle Peak Bay Immigration Center, CIC) 。按2008年立法會文件,入境處一般只有在合理懷疑該等人屬非法逗留,正在審核其居留資格、考慮或有待執行遣送或遞解離境令期間,該等人才會被羈留[8]。H引述第115章《入境條例》第37ZK條,列出了五大問題,包括1)他們當時剛剛到港,沒有任何犯事,2)其左眼全盲,應接受治療,3)其妻子S有腰傷,4)自己需要照顧妻子,5)S要照應她的女兒;這五項符合文件上寫的「不予羈留因素」。然而,正因為他們在被蒙騙的過程簽署了文件,翌日便被送往羈留所,按性別被分別羈留。




離開羈留所當日,政府向二人發放俗稱「行街紙」的入境處擔保書,持有行街紙人士不得在港工作,因此政府依靠國際社會服務社香港分部(International Social Service (ISS) Hong Kong Branch)向他們援助,當中包括每月固定的公用設施津貼、交通費津貼、百佳食物卡及住宿津貼。看似完足的福利,事實上只以維持最低限度生活為準:一人每月住宿費只有1,500元,在香港能住什麼呢?

S與H現時住在約150尺的劏房,每月單位租金需港幣8500元,經濟壓力巨大。不過,二人開銷最大的來源卻是各種移民外地的申請支出,包括翻譯、影印、列印、郵寄、照相、蓋印等。「在香港,所有東西都有價錢,都要錢!沒有東西是免費的。」H不滿。確實,當人陷入貧窮,才能深刻感受到現實社會中每一個環節都需要以金錢中介。二人驚訝香港物價之高。H說︰「在埃及,花埃及幣2元(約1元港幣) 已可飽吃一頓。每月200美元(約1600元港幣)收入勉強可生存。我的家人理解不了他們每月給我的100美元,為何甚麼都做不了。」

幸運的是,由於受迫害的證據充足,S與H得到免遣返確認。放眼全港逾99%得不到確認的申請者,他們因欠缺入境處眼中的「佐證」(入境處從未有透明的審批標準 [9]),多次申請都被拒絕。他們來自南亞、中東與非洲,各地政教分歧同樣造成嚴重的武裝衝突:有尋求庇護者聲稱,因改信宗教而被家人恐嚇殺害、或全家族因教派之別被追殺 [10]。廿名滯港逾十年者,眼見在港所生子女快將成人,因無國藉之故,連工作權也沒有,遂於去年六月聯署去信特首,爭取人道居港權 [11]。



H 曾經到區內16家餐廳面試,全部無功而回。這16家餐廳全都聘請英語為主要語言的人士,但都因H的難民身份卻步。H 認為入境處提供一紙證明,並沒有解決僱主的疑慮,對難民就業基本上全無幫助。他認為入境處應提供具體就業援助。




筆者幫助他們檢查要交給加國移民局的補充文件時,真的大吃一驚:交件期限尚有一星期,可是信件內容甚長,他們連移民局電郵附上的申請表連結,都不知道要打開;當然,他們連Abode PDF Reader都沒有下載,所以就算開到,也看不到。S英語能力再好,都只能寫出行文迂迴雜亂的陳情書,列舉所有記載他們事跡的網上報道,再用電郵寄給不同的機構與律師。而H更加只能每天背著一大袋文件、機票等證據,四出奔走,重覆影印、掃描檔案。面對官僚體系,二人根本無力理解,遑論與之溝通。如果沒有人幫忙整理,可能他們要繼續一次又一次錯過電郵、一周又一周等待官僚回覆中,輾轉難眠。


當他們感謝我幫忙時,我總是回答:你們是傳奇,故事夠寫一部史詩式電影了,這一切,都是你們應得的。筆者衷心希望二人的移民申請成功,早日重拾支撐他們穿越重圍的尊嚴。眼見本地網民留言總是一竹篙打一船人,對難民涼薄地未審先判,視我們的安穩為理所當然 — 與其站在當權者的一方,何不看清官僚式偏見與折磨,聆聽他人的經歷,讓受迫害者獲得應有的尊重?


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English version see: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jp2Z5hcZOk-7K1X_8YkLR_mZa1Dtp39nw4p5AM6xWEY/edit?usp=sharing






隨電郵附上三段當場拍攝的片段,現摘記內容如下。懇請  貴處從速跟進:

1. 於11月25日凌晨00:43分,鄺主任提起一張剔號不在1號候選人的圈中的問題選票,指出由於剔號「不在圈中」、「上面有指模」,裁決不接納這張選票。陳的女監察點票代理人(身穿米黃衣)向鄺主任的裁決提出申訴,指「頭先都有啲污糟㗎,你都有講㗎,但你話無嘢喎。」鄺主任稍作回應後,女代理人指「唔得,一次過講,你呢張同之前嗰張唔同嘅。」鄺主任回應:「唔係,我裁決咗呢張先。」女代理人再指「唔得」,鄺主任不再作回應,說「我裁決呢張選票係無效嘅。」有公眾人士提出申訴,指「如果係同類型嘅問題,你係應該一併裁決㗎喎」、「喂唔該你統一standard吖?」、「一張得一張唔得,你可唔可以比個網址我上網睇下[點解]?」,要求重點投票、逐張裁決以示公正。鄺主任完全沒有作出回應。

2. 於11月25日凌晨00:45分,以本人在場所知,背景是鄺主任裁決一張投向2號候選人的問題選票為有效。片中,陳的女監察點票代理人舉手,向鄺主任的裁決提出申訴:「我有問題!呢張後面都有剔,唔係咁都OK係咪呀?」,男監察點票代理人同樣指著選票表達不滿。公眾人士同樣不滿裁決,引起哄動,有人指「你倒晒[所有選票]落去[2號候選人票箱]咪得囉!」、「前後都有[印]嘅點解?」、「後面吸咗[印]㗎!」,餘不一一。畫面未見鄺主任最終裁決,但作為在場者,本人知悉鄺主任沒有再作回應,裁決該選票為有效。

3. 於11月25日凌晨00:52分,片中鄺主任共就5張問題選票作出裁決,羅列如下:









1. 無視候選人監察點票代理人、公眾對於他就「同類型的問題選票、採取不一樣標準處理」的申訴,沒有解釋為什麼不採用當刻最公正、且完全可行的做法-即重新點票-以示公允;

2. 在禁區之內,公眾無從索閱位處禁區的選票裁定指引展版,在有公眾人士明確詢問「有沒有相關網站指出當時裁決的準則是什麼」的時候,投票站主任及其他所有工作人員都沒有作出任何回應。此舉嚴重剝削公眾對於「何謂有效選票之準則」的知情權,以及在場監察點票的監察權;

3. 無視候選人、候選人監察點票代理人及公眾,對於鄺主任本人用以裁決「何謂有效選票之準則」的知情權。片中可見鄺主任屢屢先描述選票的情況,然後加一句「但是意向清晰」,就裁定投票意向被理解為指向2號的選票有效。候選人、候選人監察點票代理人及公眾作出申訴時,鄺主任以自己作為「最終裁決人」的法定身份為辯護,過程中基本上沒有回應過公眾的任何申訴,也對候選人、候選人監察點票代理人的申訴採取冷待政策。鄺主任沒有盡確保選舉中立、公開、透明的法定責任,向該等人士提出一個合理的解釋;

4. 根據一個合理人對於鄺主任如何理解「意向清晰」的推斷,應是只要印章落在票上某候選人方格以內,不論是否在圈外、選票是否骯髒、有沒有向其他人亮出投票意向等,都可以被視為意向清晰,可被裁為有效選票。同時,本人在場期間,以我理解,除了一張票以外,所有投票意向被理解為指向2號的之問題選票,都按以上準則被裁定為有效。本人質疑上述準則涉嫌已違反選舉事務處有關「何謂有效選票之準則」,反映鄺主任涉嫌嚴重違反中立原則,有明目張膽地於點票期間偏袒2號之嫌;

5. 如第4項所指的準則沒有違反選舉事務處有關「何謂有效選票之準則」,照計11月25日凌晨00:43分審閱、投票意向被理解為指向1號的之問題選票,同樣應被裁為有效,但是鄺主任將之裁為無效。這反映鄺主任涉嫌嚴重違反中立原則,有明目張膽地於點票期間偏袒2號之嫌。


1. 處方必須徹查事件,對於本人上述五大控訴作出令人滿意的適切回答;

2. 處方必須告知本人,投票站主任鄺百樂先生及當時在場所有的工作人員(隨函附上名單),有沒有涉嫌違反任何香港法例及任何與選舉相關之守則;

3. 承第2項,如有,請列明該等人員涉嫌違反之法例及/或守則、相應的處分準則;

4. 承第3項,請提供當前有關該等人員的相關狀況(如:依然如常上班、被停職調查中、被罷免職務、被罰金額或刑期),及定期提供相關的最新情況;

5. 處方必須確保在日後的選舉中,公眾對於「何謂有效選票之準則」的知情權,以及在場監察點票的監察權不被剝削,具體行動為:5.1 確保「何謂有效選票之準則」展板置於點票間裡公眾容易見到的地方;5.2 確保有在場工作人員,負責回應在場公眾點票期間之申訴及疑惑

6. 如以上任何一項不能被達到,務必告知詳細原因。


本人對於天后區選民的投票權,在勵德點票站眾目睽睽之下被公然踐踏一事感到震怒。當選的區議會議員可以在未來五年間坐擁三萬多月薪、每月以萬計的社區工作經費;任何涉嫌選舉舞弊的行為,不止是對於每位候選人之人格與努力的侮辱、對選區數以千計的選民的侮辱,更是徹底違反香港公共資源公平且有效分配的嚴重利益輸送。本人懇切要求  貴處嚴肅對待今次事件,不能姑息或縱容任何使香港選舉蒙上污名的人員與舉措。





開工大吉 – 中共與港資孽緣之始;香港係中國離岸金融重地


“Evaluate the social and political impacts of economic integration between Hong Kong and China.”

  • *Fong, Brian Chi-hang. (2014)The Partnership between the Chinese Government and Hong Kong’s Capitalist Class: Implications for HKSAR Governance, 1997–2012.” The China Quarterly 217: 195–220.
  • Hung, Ho-fung. (2019) Chinese State Capitalism in Hong Kong” in Lui Tai-lok, Chiu Stephen W.K. & Ray Yep (eds.), Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Hong Kong. Oxon; New York: Routledge.
  • Hung, Ho-fung & Ip, Iam-chong. (2012) “Hong Kong’s Democratic Movement and the Making of China’s Offshore Civil Society.” Asian Survey 52(3): 504–527. 

Before I start .. just wanna say it has been a tiring week for no apparent reason. So tired…


頭兩篇文都有啲驚喜,in the sense that佢地又真係講咗啲聽咗中港關係的政治經濟學一段時間嘅我,一路都無咩睇到有系統性研究嘅一啲重要嘅gap,兩樣都幾重要。一係香港的商界點建制法,知就知個廊(功能組別呀、反送中會出黎要求修例呀),但係具體真係完全不清晰。二係香港呢個離岸貿易及金融中心對於中國經濟的重要性,尤其是中共保持不完全對外開放的金融(企圖將香港打造成離岸人民幣「批發」中心),對於用「攬炒」威脅中共都有一些參考作用。兩樣對於我來講,都係一個可以連結當前的政治風頭,再轉去深化同探討資本主義視角下中港的經濟關係的一啲好嘅開端。最後一篇講香港係中國公民社會的離岸資源流通地,篇野前半就悶啲(又係講03-2010堆香港抗爭),後半講大陸的運動如何受香港影響,都係中港關係嘅另一個重要面向嚟嘅。

最近come across一句野:”Nothing has really happened until it has been described.” 一路以來,我都未係好明學術呢個範疇其實係可以點contribute to immediate needs,正所謂遠水不能夠近火。不過有呢句野之後,好似個人安心咗啲,肯定返研究、閱讀、書寫、紀錄的角色,就是讓已發生的事情「真正地發生一次」,成為一個可供後來的行動者或紀錄者立足的視點。有朋友話,為了培養耐性,我係應該睇少啲設計出黎就係為了讓人在最最最短時間之內,吸收最大量最重要的訊息的journal article,而應該睇多啲書,仲要係同平時睇開那些有些不同種類的書(可能係小說?).唉我以前中學都有追過下小說,不過不太容易⋯⋯仲要依家成日覺得應該睇一啲同勞工呀、Econ呀相關的書。不過個「應該」都已經長期搞到我透不過氣來。如果可以真係鬆一鬆,唔洗好似(依家)趕住去投胎咁larp下一堆文,咁就好喇。

Anyways. 印象中,方志恆篇文係講香港商界同中共的共謀關係,全文分為幾個部份,首先講呢段孽緣嘅起源,之後講港資如何從制度化的渠道、中聯辦的統戰及中港經濟融合上,得到可以踰越香港政府的政治權力。之後,再講英國、中國為主權國家時,兩者建立政治聯盟的不同手法與作用,最後係睇返當時的2012年唐英年對梁振英的選舉,到底有無反映到港資政治地位嘅沒落。


統戰的工作喺過渡期早早展開,一眾的商界大亨被納入不同的行政機構:基本法起草委員會(the Basic Law Drafting Committee)、基本法諮詢委員會(the Basic Law Consultative Committee)、港事顧問(Hong Kong Affairs Advisers)、香港特別行政區籌備委員會(Preparatory Committee for the HKSAR)、預備工作委員會(Preliminary Working Committee of the )。另外,當然仲有今日常見的政治酬庸崗位:全國人民代表大會(Representatives of the Hong Kong’s compatriots to the National People’s Congress)、中國人民政治協商會議(Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference,即政協)的香港同胞代表。

(屌,諗到有班人一車一車咁送同齡人返大陸毒打,我就覺得香港「同胞」呢個稱呼真係next level骨痹 >< !中國真係好double speak同好法西斯(專制極端民族主義)!!!!)

方志恆的一個重要論點,係相對當時幾hands-off、容許港督作出平衡階級利益之決定以穩定政權合法性的英國政府,手握香港主權嘅中共為香港嘅資本家提供了直通天庭的溝通渠道,令到港府作為地方管治者的自主性(autonomy)大大削弱,2 player game to 3 players game – circumvention 階級關係日漸失衡。商界首先已被安插在種種的行政架構之中,1998-2012年香港人大、政協成員分別有平均43.7%及70.8%係商界人士,而呢班人喺每年第一季,人大、政協全國兩會在北京周年會面期間,香港代表都會留多成兩個禮拜,開一個叫「兩會」嘅野,香港商界直接面見北京官員傾計。

其次,按中共的層級架構,負責港澳問題的最高級別負責部門是「中央港澳工作協調小組」(Central Coordination Group for Hong Kong and Macau Affairs),由中共中央、國務院等多個部門的負責人組成,目前的組長是韓正(2018年4月—,中共中央政治局常委、國務院副總理)。支援協調小組有四個主要部門:

  • 國務院港澳事務辦公室(港澳辦,Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office,主任為張曉明,負責協助國務院辦理港澳事務);
  • 中央人民政府駐香港特別行政區聯絡辦公室(中聯辦,the Liaison Office,主任為王志民,是國務院在港的派出機構);
  • 國外交部駐香港特別行政區特派員公署(Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC in the HKSAR,特派員為謝鋒,負責處理香港與外國政府和國際組織之間的外交事務);
  • 中國人民解放軍駐香港部隊(People’s Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison,國務派駐香港負責防務的國家武裝力量)

當中,以中聯辦的統戰角色最為重要。於2000年前,它的前身為香港新華社(Xinhua Hong Kong),以往組織了大批的左派商業、教育、旅遊機構,及群眾組織如工會、地方社堂、老人及婦女組織等。近年由中聯辦籌劃的國慶籌委會(Presidium of the preparatory committee of HK compatriots in Celebraton of the Founding Anniversary of the PRC)都係有過五成成員來自商界。



  • CEPA – China as largest investor in hk; mainland as principal investment srea by HKers (pic: convergence; largest hk conglo. holdings in mainland)
  • HK business needed relations to overcome bureaucratic hurdles by provincial govts -> senior CCP

Hung (2019):

Chinese capitalism needed HK as springboard

  • Onset of Chinese economic revolution: early 1980s decollectivisation in rural areas & decentralisation – regional govt seek transnational capital attracted to unlimited supply of low-wage labour
  • late 1980s SOE reform (cut perm jobs), dual track system (rise of cadre-capitalist calss) – 1989 unrest, end pol reform and yes neoliberalisation
  • 1990s further SOE reforms by ‘insider privatisation’, rise of export-oriented manufacturing ;- importance of East Asian FDI

Rise of role of export

  • 2000s: WTO, RMB devaluation in 1994
  • trade surplus – liquidity – allow for foreign reserves to back up RMB , deployed in bank loans to finance fixed-asset investment in SOEs & local gots- mode: EX, fixed-asset investment, low-wage regime
  • EX as mother of cap boom

HK’s importance: early inclusion in trade order help FDI transder; SOE come to HK got stock market to raise capital

  • 1992 US-HK Policy Act passed – regularly monitor hk autonomy, continue treat hk as separate territory in econ n trade matters (IM quotas, cert of origin) – grant most-favored-nation status in hk products, support access of sensitive tech – important before china joined WTO in 2001
  • China today: 1) import goods subject to quota through hk; 2) register capital at hk to make foreign acquisitions e.g. Ukrainian aircraft, Nicaragua canal project (export cap to HK for re-export, see table 24.1); 3) Use HK’s court system as international arbitration center ; 4) rely on HK’s own currency n fin system

Chinese companies

  • In colonial times, only state companies like Bank of China & China Resources operated in HK, as only channel to handle financial & trade activities between China & outside world; after 1980 market reform – SOEs started subsidiaries as ‘window companies’ in HK
  • Get public on HK Stock Exchange as 1) Red Chip company (Chinese state enterprise incorporated in HK); 2) H-share company (Chinese SOE incorporated in China)
  • Dominated by utilities, energy & finance companies – 2014: over half of top H-share, red chip are banks and insurance comps (Table 24.3, p. 439)
  • e.g. China Mobile – pre-1990: fragmented provincial govt facilities; 1990s: Goldman Sachs lobbied Beijing to create consolidation of all provincial assets; 1997 IPO in HK & NY, raising US $4.5 M -> based on projected estimate of future profitability compared to existing national telecom companies elsewhere.

RMB Internationalisation

  • 2008 fear of US dollar breakdown: Chinese started planning to reduce USD reliance by campaign to internationalise use of RMB – help reducing China’s large accumulation of risky USD-denominated assets (like US Treasury bonds) in its foreign exchange
  • Full internationalisation of RMB: require China to liberalise its capital account – let go of control of banking sector & monopoly in credit creaton
  • HK’s important role: help BJ to internationalise RMB by creating a large offshore pool of freely convertible RMB in HK, while delaying liberalisation of China’s capital account
  • e.g. 2015 successful inclusion of RMB in the IMF Special Drawing Right basket of currencies (Chinese leader saw this as official endorsement of RMB being as reliable & liquid as other major reserve currencies; IMF did so to encourgae further liberalisation of China’s financial system)
  • Reason why in 2015 RMB passed the ‘freely usable currency’ test it failed in 2010 (it has to be widely used to make payments for international transactions & widely traded in the principal exchange markets): it moved up from below top 15 to being 5th most used currency in international payments (still just 2.45% share of int’l payments)
  • 70% of the 2.45% share of int’l paymens were transactions done in HK!


  • Internationalisation of RMB was achieved by RMB-isation of HK economy (increase in RMB deposits in HK banks, sale of RMB-denom bonds, etc.)
  • Plan for HK’s role: an offshore financial center w/ indp currency, judicial systems under Chinese sovereignty, as wholesale RMB offshore center, wiht other financial markets as retail centers

Rise of Chinese financial elites in HK:

  • Hua Jing Society (香港華菁會) founded by Fang Fang (former Chief Executive of JP Morgan in China in 2007, arrested by ICAC in 2014 after US investigation of the company’s use of illgeal connection buying)
  • Hua Jing Society was key supporter of C. Y. Leung, and many members were appointed into govt body committees, like Central Policy Unit, Commission of Strategic Development of the HKSAR govt (策略發展委員會)chaired by the CE of HK alongisde all major govt officials; Financial Services Development Council set up by HK govt in 2013 –
  • helped pushing central govt agendas like One Belt One Road

Overall msg: HK’s role as China’s offshore economy will only strengths, not being weakened

Just very quickly

Just very quickly, I can’t live like this anymore, like a computer with multiple tabs going on at the same time, all with burning alarms & expiry dates hanging over head. It’s a crazily exhausting life and it is extremely inefficient in getting me where I wanna get to – I feel like I keep running in circles when I am calculating whether or not I should go to a certain meeting last minute just now. It’s like history repeating itself over n over again showing the best short-term planning on earth.

I really need to stop getting so much ahead of myself and my ideas – I can’t even keep track of everything that was a source of inspiration or whatever in my head with this blog. It’s like mentally clogging and constipating forever while I dump eat more n more food than I can digest. I really really need a Sabbath every week, an off-work period every day, an off-computer-tab every half day, and some day to sit back n decide on my longer term priorities. Beyond the week-long time frames. and not stupid timetables to get shit done.

I’m done with this shit n i desire another level of efficiency.

p.s. I was just considering to give up sleep tonight to abide by my pledge to finish the PPT at work by tmr afternoon. No I can’t risk catching a real cold.


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