Just very quickly

Just very quickly, I can’t live like this anymore, like a computer with multiple tabs going on at the same time, all with burning alarms & expiry dates hanging over head. It’s a crazily exhausting life and it is extremely inefficient in getting me where I wanna get to – I feel like I keep running in circles when I am calculating whether or not I should go to a certain meeting last minute just now. It’s like history repeating itself over n over again showing the best short-term planning on earth.

I really need to stop getting so much ahead of myself and my ideas – I can’t even keep track of everything that was a source of inspiration or whatever in my head with this blog. It’s like mentally clogging and constipating forever while I dump eat more n more food than I can digest. I really really need a Sabbath every week, an off-work period every day, an off-computer-tab every half day, and some day to sit back n decide on my longer term priorities. Beyond the week-long time frames. and not stupid timetables to get shit done.

I’m done with this shit n i desire another level of efficiency.

p.s. I was just considering to give up sleep tonight to abide by my pledge to finish the PPT at work by tmr afternoon. No I can’t risk catching a real cold.


Author: Veronique

To be tenacious, patient and independent.

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