Portrait drawing & Philosophy.. & Politics!

Very brief remark here on a lifetime project to embark on at some point in my life. Just discovered that the Chinese portrait drawing style has an existentially different worldview than the common, Western-infested & hierarchical, sexual ones that I was raised in.

first, you realise phantom of opera type transgressive but mainstream romance kind of really fascinates me. I’m sure it’s deepseated

It steps at the line between purity and transgressing into lust.

Second, you realise how I can’t appreciate asian figures as much as western, and male as much as female at all. Like i know this is sexist and racist and even for-profit cheap aesthetics… but i just like it.

Asian bone structures are just a hell lot harder to grasp (from my starting pt i guess.. used to drawing the sharp eyebrows and chins first n foremost).

My original approach to female beauty might be guilty pleasure as it’s called…i have thought of learning to draw crests of elderly chinese ppl.. to sort of correct my worldview….or even just the leaves and plants. I have this guilty feeling that i sort of have a ‘duty’ to correct myself and get in touch with the ‘real world’ drawing wise.

i think the Chinese tradition of portrait drawing has a deep humility and humanist sense to it.. probably a socialist remnant worths preserving a lot:


You can easily differentiate between Western style female and the Chinese style in the above mixture of both.

In the Chinese modern portrait tradition, there is a sense that even though the drawn person can be a very sexy/ beautiful girl, there is a sense that she is a unique person with a unique stare and facial expression that’s just at peace with being herself.


There is a feeling that you cannot and would not objectify her; this person has a life that shaped her gaze, crystallized in this particular snapshot of hers.

Whereas the western female gaze at the drawer/ audience is always predominantly colored by their being sexual/ female, in an almost identical flavor.. relatively speaking. Even the stare of a young girl invokes biblically mysterious innocence of the female species; while however undesirable and man-like a Chinese 大媽 looks in a portrait, in every facial detail lieth attraction, and that’s what gives male and female, the young and aged, the laboured and storied more so than the privileged more or less equal attraction as object for study.

Western objects attract by desirability; Chinese by honesty.

Third, you realise it has EVERYTHING to do with socialism in China.




And this was even greater..


“德派素描”與“蘇派素描”的差別 http://fj.people.com.cn/BIG5/n2/2017/0213/c380482-29708771.html

Wtf u differentiate two schools by such metaphysical concepts… so coooool! I m sure i m quite sensitive about these type of stuff. I now feel so much better about philosophy as such – their differences are probably a lot more pronounced and graspable in drawing than writing style, to me.

德派 (?)
Drawing Manga how to draw manga , comic , vẽ chân dung , Landscape Architecture, Architectural Record,đồ án kiến trúc,mediafire,autocad,3dsmax
中式蘇派(according to know-nothing anna)

More Politics talk..



Damn… I really wanna learn to be a Chinese portrait drawer. Like i’ve heard of a lot of ‘politics v aesthetics’ stuff, but this time i rly get how important it is in coloring one’s perception.. it’s where 寫實風 dominates the market and it’s not easy to be.

Rather than redemption seeking, now it’s more like a freaking fun new in-road towards more eyeopening perspectives about the world (and ..socialism lol) that gets me radiating according to my friend!

A really nice realisation for me on sth that’s surely my passion!

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