Pride and Prejudice: a sketchy reflection

Before I can really devote myself to my work and the society I’m in, I feel like I need to write a few words about Jane Austen’s famous Pride and Prejudice, which I gulped down in 3 days – arguably the English novel that I finished most quickly in life! (Thanks to my sprained ankle).

For some reason the two explored qualities, pride, and prejudice, both seem to be long term friends of mine however much I would want to ignore or deny. Therefore the most mesmerising scene of all was that of the two protagonists, Elizabeth and Darcy’s final reconciliation. Both had to be frank about their own faults, the hefty price they almost paid and already grieved (burying a happiest relationship possible on earth alive), and really, the part when their respective nightmares – of being shunned forever from the goodwill and company of the other – were thrown out of the window as nonsense from the other’s pov.

I guess this is something that I’d yearn for. To be unashamed and willed enough to brave injured pride, to swallow misplaced prejudice, and reconcile.

Mr. Bennet is a favourite character of mine too. Sharp eye making a satire of the domestic life that his wife was so engrossed with. Can’t wait for more Elizabeth and Mr. Bennet-inspired wittiness from perhaps Emma, a later novel by Austen. My internal urge is to just get changed and fucking buy it from the store I last saw it. (cwb CP to be exact – I bet internally I feel slightly but unjustly ashamed of visiting this red bookstore. But 誠品 stuff is so much more expensive -_-…)

It feels great to be reconnected with (leisurely?) passion of mine since secondary schools. I feel able to understand why some friends were unable to stop reading in between class – at that time I saw it as a deficiency of mine to be unable to be so purely engaged on top of making myself look cultured. But I really feel that I’m learning much needed life and personality/ society lessons from these books. Even though in real life I still use reading to shun society at relative’s gatherings …….. 😦 … Haven’t really grown up have I. I think I am not born for writing carefully plotted stuff. Like autowriting and drawing more. But it’s exciting enough to be unearthing this side of me with ease and passion. Mean it!

p.s. this has been on my mind since day 1 of reading it… I waited until this moment to watch it again lol!!

Author: Veronique

To be tenacious, patient and independent.

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