Prepare to Unfold

Brimming with hope

abundant with fear

tissues dismantle

a nest in formation.


Soft, bespirited moon lands

grasping new gravity, buttressing its claws

Quietness wraps feverishness

per second a vessel, per minute a toe


Blankness is the universe

no thing to comprehend

no matter, no form

no feeling nor thought


Rhythmic thud shakes being.

You’re safe, you’re surrounded

buoyantly kept afloat

a fishy, bodily odour

emitting from me and transmitted around


Boundary at my feet and

boundary non-existent

Communicating incessantly;

communication non-existent

Life within a life and

life as is, transient


Wrap yourself

in this perfect stillness;


to unfold.



Poetic thinking was the way to keep myself sane today, riding on the MTR, in the middle of a thunderstorm of thoughts here and there. Inspired by earlier meditation experience:








Author: Veronique

To be tenacious, patient and independent.

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